Founder & CEO, The Life Equip Group

Alyssa C. Abernathy was born in Queens New York currently residing in Brooklyn.  Alyssa is the daughter of Dr. Linda S. Abernathy and Bernell Abernathy and the mother of Joshua I. Abernathy. Alyssa Abernathy received a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from The College of New Rochelle School of New Resources where she completed Relevant coursework in Sociology, Psychology, Mental Health, Psych Compulsion and Addiction, Developmental Psychology, Effects of Addiction Family/ Society, Group Dynamics and Society, Research Methods in Psychology, Communication in Helping Relationships andProfessional & Ethical Responsibility Counseling.

During her time at The College of New Rochelle, Alyssa volunteered as a public relations director for the student government. Alyssa served as the liaison between the students and the director organizing events for the student body. Alyssa has also volunteered at Trevor Project a non-profit organization that services LGBTQ youth and young adults at high risk of suicide where she assessed callers for risk levels for possible crisis and suicide; Listened and counseled callers through their presenting issues.

Alyssa Abernathy is currently attending Long Island University (Brooklyn) campus where she is a candidate for a Master’s degree in Social Work. Alyssa is currently serving as a Social work Intern at the New York City Department of Education.  Providing individual supportive counseling addressing academic concerns, developing self-awareness, regulating emotions, handling stress, addressing challenges and determine solutions. In addition to supportive Group Counseling providing educational, therapeutic, recreational, and cultural enrichment opportunity designed to development of positive-image. Alyssa is also working on campus as a graduate assistant where she assists with planning and support with student activities, fundraisers, and outreach events. Alyssa has worked in the non-profit sector working with various population providing counseling services, support, resources, information and linkages to service that they are need of. Creating curriculum for groups and assisting in the creative process of designing programs, activities, and events that will be beneficial for the population the organization is serving.  

Alyssa has received numerous training to support individuals challenged with mental health, domestic violence substance abuse etc. Alyssa’s motivation behind the creation of The Life Equip Group is her personal journey to designing and living in her desired level of success. Alyssa also serves in her congregation as a youth leader providing faith, unity, and love to the youth of the ministry and youth in the community. Alyssa’s objective is to encourage independence, individuality, and success that isn’t defined by no one else but the person working towards it.

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